Thursday, April 19, 2012

Brief Description of SData

Over the last four years I have been working with other Architects, Engineers and product leaders from Sage North America and Europe on a key strategic initiative called Sage Data (SData).

SData is a communication protocol based on REST, HTTP, ATOM and JSON which will improve interoperability between Sage products and access to Sage data and business logic.

Problem: Across Sage there are many completely different SDKs:

  • Many integrations to build and maintain
  • Most of the current SDKs are for desktop development only; they do NOT enable web or mobile access to Sage data & logic

Solution: SData, a modern, REST communication protocol developed by Sage that could provide the basis for all future integration work between Sage products, Connected Services and third party ISV products.

SData enables:

  • Communication between desktop, server, web & cloud applications 
  • Broad common interface for all Sage products
  • HTTP/Web access to data & business logic for web & mobile clients

There are many potential benefits for our customers, for example:

  • Sharing information within their organizations, for example, to let everyone who needs to know that a new order has been placed
  • Eliminating the need to re-enter information more than once
  • Combining data in Sage applications with info from other sources, such as spreadsheets or the web
  • Providing information to people outside the business, such as customers and suppliers

I discuss the Opportunity and Challenges of building SData services in more detail in my post: Validating SData Providers

See  SData for your Business for more examples. My Colleague Stephen Smith also writes about SData frequently on his blog:

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